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In late 2000, Wheelin' Sportsmen NWTF became an official outreach program of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Our mission is to provide all people with disabilities opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. NWTF chapters host Wheelin' Sportsmen events across North America that help participants gain a sense of independence by learning to stay active in the outdoors on their own in between Wheelin' Sportsmen events. Event participants can enjoy activities like hunting, fishing and shooting. In addition to local chapter events, Wheelin' Sportsmen hosts an assortment of other national events.

In 2001, under the guidance of our first volunteer State Coordinator George Homan, the Virginia Wheelin’ Sportsmen(VAWS) program was created. In our first year VAWS hosted two events, and with the help of our local NWTF Chapters and many dedicated volunteers, state agencies, and private landowners, our program has experienced tremendous growth. We are currently holding over 35 events annually for our disabled sportsmen here in Virginia. We work closely with the Va Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries to provide us with assistance, equipment and resources for our events. Our agency partners currently hosting events are:

Va. Dept. of Conservation & Recreation: Shenandoah River, Lake Anna, and Staunton River State Parks

Va. Dept. of Aging & Rehab. Services: Wilson Workforce and Rehab. Center

Va. Dept. of Forestry: Matthews State Forest, New Kent Forestry Center

VAWS continues to be the largest and most active Wheelin’ Sportsmen program in the country. With roughly 400 members and hosting over 35 events statewide annually, no other state even comes close. While we have worked hard and are proud of our accomplishments, we are not resting on our laurels. We are continually searching for new participants, ranging from youth and adults with physical disabilities, to our wounded veterans returning from service. Our events are open to anyone with a disability and we never charge you to participate. If you have a disability, or have a friend or family member with a disability, and would like to participate in our events, please contact me at the information below. Please help us spread the word of our exciting program. Keep up to date on our Upcoming Events below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Additionally, we are always looking to develop exciting new opportunities for our participants. We have local NWTF chapters throughout the state that can provide volunteers, and all the gear and resources necessary to host such an event. And there’s no risk to you as all of our events are covered under our $2 million liability umbrella. If you have property and would like to host a hunting, fishing, or shooting event, please let me know. I will be glad to meet with you to coordinate an event.

With the help of our local NWTF chapters, dedicated volunteers, and our many supporters, we will continue to provide more, and better, opportunities for persons with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth! Thank you for your support, and look for great things to happen to VAWS this year!


Robin Clark

Volunteer State Coordinator

434-249-6154 or via Email

Our Fall Deer Hunt Application is out!

Our Fall Deer Hunt application is ready to be downloaded. We have 13 great hunts taking place all over the state. You can download the Deer Hunt Application-PDF or the Deer Hunt Application-WORD. Don't miss out on some great hunting opportunities. We hope to see you out with us this fall. Application deadline is Sept. 28th!


2017 Upcoming Events
Date Event Name Host Chapter Location
 January 14, 2017  Middle Potomac DU Waterfowl Hunt 1  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Colonial Beach, VA
 Feb 24-25-26, 2017  VAWS Booth at Western VA Sports Show  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Fishersville, VA
 April 8, 2017  New Kent Spring Gobbler Hunt XI  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Providence Fordge, VA
 April 15, 2017  Warsaw Spring Gobbler Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Warsaw, VA
 April 19-22, 2017  VA Wounded Warrior Turkey Hunt  Bland County Many Beards  Bland, VA
 April 21, 2017  Taylor Hunt Club Spring Gobbler Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Orange, VA
 April 22, 2017  East Belmont Spring Gobbler Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Keswick, VA
 April 22, 2017  Tri-County Longbeards Spring Gobbler Hunt  Tri-County Longbeards  Waverly, VA
 April 29, 2017  High Mountain Longbeards Spring Gobbler Hunt  High Mountain Longbeards  Max Meadows, VA
 May 5, 2017  Ferrum Spring Gobbler Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Ferrum, VA
 May 13, 2017  Charlie Scott Memorial Outdoor Day VI  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  West Augusta, VA
 May 20, 2017  Little Switzerland Trout Rodeo  Little Switzerland Strutters  Monterey, VA
 May 27, 2017  Mossy Creek Trout Rodeo XI  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Broadway, VA
 June 24, 2017  Wheelin' Sportsmen Hawaiian Luau  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Waynesboro, VA
 September 7, 2017  Warsaw Ultimate Dove Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Warsaw, VA
 September 16, 2017  Covered Spring Farm Dove Hunt *NEW DATE  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Goochand, VA
 October 11, 2017  Outdoor Dreams Archery Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Shipman, VA
 October 14, 2017  Lake Monticello Bass Rodeo  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Palymra, VA
 November 6, 2017  Shenandoah River State Park Hunt  Blue Ridge Strutters  Bentonville, VA
 November 7, 2017  Lake Anna State Park Muzzleloader Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Spottsylvania, VA
 November 8, 2017  Outdoor Dreams Muzzleloader Hunt 1  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Shipman, VA
 November 11, 2017  Menokin-Warsaw Muzzleloader Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Warsaw, VA
 November 15, 2017  Outdoor Dreams Muzzleloader Hunt 2  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Shipman, VA
 November 18, 2017  Botetourt Longbeards Deer Hunt  Botetourt Longbeards  Fincastle, VA
 November 18, 2017  Staunton River State Park Hunt  Halifax Area Chapter  Scottsburg, VA
 November 20, 2017  Franklin Co. Longbeards Deer Hunt  Franklin Co. Longbeards  Rocky Mount, VA
 November 24-25, 2017  Jean's Hunt Club Eastern Shore Deer Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Chincoteague, VA
 December 1, 2017  Millswamp Longbeards Deer Hunt  Millswamp Longbeards  Newsoms, VA
 December 1-2, 2017  Eric Higgins Memorial Deer Hunt  Virginia Highlands  Galax, VA
 December 4, 2017  Monquin Creek Outfitters Deer Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Manquin, VA
 December 9, 2017  2nd Annual Freedom Hunt  Tri-County Longbeards  Waverly, VA
 December 16, 2017  High Bridge Strutters Deer Hunt  High Bridge Strutters  Cumberland, VA
 December 30, 2017  WWRC Management Deer Hunt  Augusta Co. Chapter  Fishersville, VA
 January 5, 2018  Pleasant Grove Deer Management Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Palmyra, VA
 January 13, 2018  Middle Potomac River DU Waterfowl Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Colonial Beach, VA
 January 20, 2018  RVA Delta Waterfowl "Shocking the Shirley Goose Hunt"  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Charles City, VA
 April 14, 2018  New Kent Spring Gobbler Hunt  Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen  Providence Forge, VA