How to Register an NWTF Event

The following is a step by step process for how to register an event.  All events are registered online at www.mynwtf.com, and should be registered at least 30 days prior to the event date. You must register event BEFORE submitting a Super Fund request.

1.       Event Registration

a.       Log into www.my.nwtf.com

b.      If you are new, you must create a username and password.

c.       Once you have an account:

·         You will be taken to the Welcome Page

·         On left margin, under the heading “Outreach”, select “My Registered Events”

·         On this page, you can filter your registered events, otherwise select “Register New Event”

·         Select whether the event has occurred previously “Yes or No”

·         If “Yes”, you can search previous events which allows you to prepopulate all of the required information for your upcoming event (if the event occurred previously)

·         If “No”, you will be directed to provide all information (name, type, date, location, contact)

·         Contact information can be provided by selecting “edit” next to primary and secondary contact.  This will take you to a list of NWTF members associated with your chapter.  Search for the contact and select them.  Their information will be populated into the contact section. (Return to Location and Contact Tab)

·         Once the information on the “Location and Contact” tab is complete, select “Registration Info” tab

·         Answer the questions and provide all required information

·         Next, select “Partners and Sponsors” tab

·         Select “Add New Partner”

·         Under “Partner Name” dropdown, select a partner

·         Click “Add”

·         Under “Add New Sponsor”, follow the same directions as adding a “Partner”

·         You are now finished!  Select “Save Registered Event”, and you may logout


How to Complete an NWTF Event

2.       After your event, it is important to complete the event at www.mynwtf.com

·         Login, select “My Registered Events”

·         Select the event you would like to complete

·         Select the “After Event” tab

·         Under the “Activities” tab, select “Add New Station” or “Add New Hunt”, select the type of station or hunt from the drop down and enter the number of participants for stations, or number of game animals harvested

·         If you have hunters or hunter ed graduates, enter those in the appropriate boxes under the “Hunts” section

·         If your event was a shooting event, select “Add New Shooters”, then type of firearm from the dropdown menu, and enter number of shooters for each firearm

·         Select the “Participation” tab, complete appropriate information for your event such as number of male/female participants, volunteers, parents, etc.

·         Select “Add New Age Level”

·         Select an Age Level from the drop down, enter the number of participants for that age level, then click “Add”

·         Do this for each Age Level that participated at your event

·         Select the “Memberships” tab if you sold memberships at your event

·         If you did not sell memberships, you are now finished and can click on the “Complete Registered Event” button

·         If you sold memberships, select “Add New Membership”

·         Select membership type from the dropdown menu and enter number of each sold, select “Add” for each membership type

·         Once complete, you are now finished and can click on the “Complete Registered Event” button

·         You may now Log Out or continue registering events or editing current events